Few Things You Must Consider when looking for free images for websites

When you have a website, the design of it and the way that it looks is one of the most important aspects of it. The look of the site is something that people will notice first, and since first impressions matter you need to make sure that you are giving off the right one that will entice customers to shop more or to read through your content carefully. Using images is the perfect way to capture the eye of the person that lands on you website which is why it’s very important for you to use them.

Using free images is a great way for you to use images and save money at the same time, so in this article we are going to give you some tips that you should use when looking for free images for websites.

Look for something relevant to your brand

When you are picking which pictures to go on your website you can’t just put the first pictures that you come across because that will do more damage than anything else. When you are looking for the pictures you need to always keep in mind your brand, what it represents, its style and what you want it to look like in other people’s eyes.

perfect images
images as decorations

The identity of your brand is a great indicator and guide of the kind of images you need to be looking for so always look back to the brand and your products when choosing the images. Even if you only have something like a travel blog you still need to keep the website on brand and choose images that have to do with travel in order to make it easy for people to know exactly what they can expect from your website.

 Look for photos of people

Nothing will boost the conversion rate of your website like having images that have other people on them. People like to see other people enjoying the content or the products, even when they know that they aren’t necessarily real customers, so these pictures really have a lot of benefits to them.


The problem here is that when you are looking for the perfect free images for websites you definitely need to avoid images that look too much like stock photos that people can see everywhere. If you opt to go for those photos then they may end up having the opposite effect due to the fact that those images lack credibility. The trick is to find images that include faces and people, but not to use ones that customers can see too much on too many places.

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Don’t just use images as decorations

A big mistake that a lot of people also make is they only use images as a sort of decoration in the back, when in fact images need to be much more than that. The images need to be the key element on your website that is accompanied by amazing text, and as we said before, they need to complement each other.

Once you figure out what kind of message you want to give with your website you will be able to find the perfect images that will tell that story to anyone that lands on your page.

You should make sure you know what kind of images you will be using before you start designing, and not afterwards.



Finding the perfect images is key, but at the same time good pictures can be expensive so getting a hold of free images is a great way for you to get the best of both worlds. We hope that you found our tops above useful and that you will take advantage of them when you are looking for free images for websites.